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We keep quality furniture out of landfills helping save our planet. Out furniture is brought back to life.


An artist eye creates a new vision updating the piece for homes of all generations.


Stripping the old finish, using meticulous sanding and attention to detail to  bring it back to its base.


We refinish all of our unique pieces with the hardest finish available to ensure the highest durability and quality.

One of a kind finds

At The End Table, we take pride in everything we produce. We source high quality furniture and finish it with the hardest most durable finish available, lacquer*.



1. A liquid made of synthetic substances that dries to form a hard, protective coating for wood, metal etc. It is most often made from resin extracted from trees and waxes and has been in use since antiquity.

New Inventory Weekly

Our Mission Statement

The Main Goal

Our main goal is helping people open their minds to what is possible for their home decor. Our mission is to rescue high quality furniture and restore it to better than before using the strongest finish available - laquer.

Maintaining the original craftsmanship and natural wood texture is our specialty.

Part of the Process

The Inspiration

Whenever a new piece comes into the shop, Barb gives it time to inspire her.

"I sit there and try to figure out what would be the best way to make that piece communicate" Is this piece for a modern home? Or is this piece for a historically preserved home? How will it be used? And what feeling do we want to evoke from that piece?"

These are just some of the questions Barb thinks about as part of her process.

What makes us different?

  • Unique
  • Upcycled
  • Affordable

We NEVER use water-based* paints! (Chalk Paint)



(of a substance or solution) using or having water as a medium or main ingredient.
“a water-based paint”

Refinishing Services

Top notch wood finishing services at an affordable price, with high quality and efficiency

Before Door Finishing
After Door Finishing
Before Finishing
After Finishing

Where Love Meets Tech

We have the technology and skill to repair, refinish or touch up Kitchen Cabinets/Refinishing, Bathroom vanities, Custom Wood Finishing, Furniture, Antiques, Trim, Wood Ceilings, Front Doors, Stair treads/railings, Gun Stocks and more!

Our highly trained wood specialists use traditional woodworking skills mixed with modern wood restoration technology to repair, refinish or touch up your kitchen cabinets, front doors, lobby areas, conference rooms, elevators, doors, trim, furniture, wall panels, handrails and more.

And we can do all of this on-site either as part of a monthly maintenance program or as a one-time service. There is an art to working with wood, and because every job is different based on the type of wood used, it takes specially trained artists with a great eye to match the many colors and grains of architectural wood finishes.

Contact us for a free estimate! We will work with you directly to bring to life the best possible product.

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